24/7 Telephone Transaction Center Instructions

Initially you must call or visit either Credit Union office to obtain a start-up
Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Main Office: (410) 551-5800 or (301) 621-7582
Branch Office: (410) 551-4478 or (301) 621-7908

Once you have obtained your start-up PIN, call any of the numbers listed below to access the 24/7 Telephone Transaction Center. When connected, listen to the message and follow voice prompts as directed.

Enter your account number followed by the # sign and PIN followed by the # sign.

Listen to the options and choices from Main Menu.

It is highly recommended you select #7 first to change your PIN:

  • After selecting #7, press #1. Listen to instructions
  • Press #3 (Change Authorization/PIN)
  • Enter new Authorization/PIN and # sign
  • To verify new PIN, re-enter Authorization/PIN followed by the # sign—Press 1
  • If you wish to cancel the new Authorization/PIN, press 2 and go back to Main Menu by pressing 0 and start with #7 again
  • Once you are satisfied with a New Authorization/PIN, hang up—this will lock in new PIN
Call any of the following phone numbers to access the 24/7 Telephone Transaction Center:
  • (410) 551-2593
  • (410) 551-2718
  • (410) 551-2719
  • 1-888-257-1960 (outside of Maryland)
Draft (Checking) Information Press #1
Share (Savings) Information Press #2
Transfers and Withdrawals Press #3
Loan Information Press #4
Share Certificate (CDs) Information Press #5
Year to Date Information Press #6
Additional Information Press #7


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